Festival full houses, dates added

Whitby Spa Theatre bandOnstage at the Spa Theatre, Whitby Folk Week

The folk festival season continued as it began, with full houses at Broadstairs and at the lovely old Spa Theatre in Whitby.  In between those we had a really nice night at the Tyneside Irish Centre, with several old friends in the audience.

Whitby Laura cap of libertyPete’s introduction of replica Caps of Liberty to be worn during ‘With Henry Hunt We’ll Go’ has not proved universally popular with the band – particularly in a venue as hot as the Spa – but we think you’ll agree that Laura carries it off well.

We’ve added a new date at Shakespeare’s in Sheffield on September 29th (see ‘Gigs’ page) and are discussing dates for future performances in Scotland.  Next stop, the Barlow in Edgworth, an area from which many marched to St Peter’s Fields 200 years ago.

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